AirAsia and Universal Music Group (UMG) announce the launch of RedRecords, a new label partnership focused on signing, developing and breaking new Asian artists and elevating ‘A-pop’ globally to new audiences throughout the region and around the world.

The two companies announced the groundbreaking partnership
at a press conference, held in Kuala Lumpur today. RedRecords will focus on
discovering and developing talent from Southeast Asia and throughout the wider
continent and form a clear and unique sound that reflects the diverse and rich
musical culture of the continent.

RedRecords will be based in Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles and will combine UMG’s industry-leading track record in artist development with AirAsia’s regional and global marketing strength to expand A-Pop’s reach beyond national borders and languages to reach audiences around the world.

In addition to artist development and A&R, the label will provide distribution and marketing, as well as management and agency services. The label will be led by Hassan Choudhury, Head of Music for AirAsia Group, who will take on the role of CEO of RedRecords.

The label also announces the signing of Thai pop artist and
influencer Jannine Weigel, as its marquee first artist. Weigel is a singer-songwriter,
influencer, gamer, and actor.

Earlier this year, UMG announced a strategic expansion of
operations within the region with the launch of a new regional headquarters in
Singapore. UMG is committed to growing the entire music ecosystem throughout
Southeast Asia, extending its focus and commitment to local language and
domestic repertoire in order to provide music fans with the best music
experience throughout the region.

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