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33% off any regular priced ala-carte items from 11 Nov to 15 Nov 2019 (3-5pm)

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McDonald’s S’pore launching new Hello Kitty carrier globally first here from 14 Nov 2019

Get carried away on 14 Nov, 7am as McDonald’s S’pore brings you the new Hello Kitty carrier, launching globally first here in Singapore!

Sold in-store at McDonald’s S’pore front counters and Self-Ordering Kiosks.

Not available via Drive-Thru, McCafe, Dessert Kiosks, McDelivery or GrabFood.

Grab yours while stocks last!

Terms & Conditions

  • Hello Kitty Carrier is available from 14 Nov 2019, 7am while stocks last.
  • Hello Kitty Carrier may be purchased with any Extra Value MealTM, Double McSpicy® Feast, Double Filet-O-Fish® Feast or Double Cheeseburger Feast, limited to 2 units per transaction.
  • Hello Kitty Carrier is only available in-store, at the front counter and self ordering kiosks. Not available via Drive-thru, McCafe®, Dessert Kiosks, McDelivery® or GrabFood.
  • Hello Kitty carrier is available at all restaurants except McDonald’s® Tampines Shell, McDonald’s® Hougang Shell and McDonald’s® Tampines Kiosk.
  • Food products are for illustration purposes only and do not come as part of the Hello Kitty Carrier purchase.

Find your nearest McDonald’s outlet here

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Singapore news today | Heng Says Govt Has Integrity When They Announce Planned GST Hike. Really?

In news that surprised no Singaporeans, DPM and PM-to-be Heng Swee Keat said that the government, or in essence the PAP, showed total integrity to Singaporeans as they were upfront about the planned GST hike. This was obviously a dig at WP, who Heng had attacked in Parliament for not showing any integrity in their dealings with AHTC and the court case, which WP lost, of course.

His statement smacks of him praising his party to high heavens. He might have forgotten PM Lee’s promise during the last election campaign that GST would not go up, quashing WP’s claims that it would. No matter, because according to Heng, just because you are upfront about the raising of GST it means you have integrity, past promises be damned.

But, has the PAP been upfront with all its other policies? Integrity does not only apply to some policies, it applies to all. So, when the PAP changed the constitution immediately to put in the a member of the minority as a candidate for the elected presidency, were they being upfront? Or was this just a quick fix solution to prevent Tan Cheng Bock, who was widely expected to win if he had been allowed to contest, from actually becoming President? Was this being upfront, or hiding behind a hastily approved constitution to make sure they get their way?

And how about being upfront with the CECA issue? Heng’s comrade-in-arms Chan Chun Sing said Singaporeans should not jump to conclusions and make their own judgment on CECA. So how about the government then telling Singaporeans what the agreement was about, and who benefits most from this?

Being upfront is also showing integrity, according to Heng. So, there is really nothing to hide from the government who places such a high value on integrity, one would think. Over to you, DPM Heng Swee Keat.

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Veteran architect proposes simple solution to PMD/pedestrian clash issue in the wake of PMD ban –

“I am meeting Mr Murali, MP for Bukit Batok on Wed next week to discuss the PMD/pedestrian conflict issue to see how it can be solved for near term, mid term and long term. The solutions must be immediately doable and then be elaborated towards a final solution without too many kinks. No system is perfect…”

Mr Tay continued studying the issue and proposed two immediately doable solutions to prevent footpath accidents instead of resorting to a ban. He shared on Sunday (10 Nov) that the cheapest solution is to “create a pmd and bicycle lane on the side of category 3 neighbourhood roads by painting a double yellow line.”

His alternative solution is to “build a narrow 1.2 m wide pmd and bike path flanked by low hedges to compensate for loss of grass. In fact two hedges of 1 m high each produces 4m of green! Bollards at crossings with swing barriers will allow wheel chair and pmd and bike inter phase. All doable within 6 months.”

Sharing the following image, Mr Tay added: “This is the typical situation. The grass verge is where the pmd path can be put and greenery compensated by two flanking green hedges that increases greenery to 4m+ trees are undisturbed.”

Photo: Tay Kheng Soon FB

Mr Tay went a step further and produced a rough sketch of the design solution he proposed. The sketch he published on Facebook shows a 1.2-metre path dedicated to PMD users that is separated from the footpath meant for pedestrians by a hedge and bollards at the junctions between the paths.

He suggested: “I think this is a possible solution to the pmd/pedestrian clash problem. Greenery is also compensated by low hedges along the pmd path. Bollards at the junction between pedestrians and pmds will solve the inter phase.”

Photo: Tay Kheng Soon FB

This is not the first time Mr Tay has proposed solutions to alleviate conflicts between PMD riders and pedestrians. Last month, Mr Tay proposed “easy” design alterations the Government could implement to help pedestrians and PMD riders co-exist more peacefully without banning PMDs altogether. He suggested:

“No need to ban PMDs. Use a version of blind men grooved flooring for the walking section because wheels dont like grooves, the wheels will swerve uncomfortably, so riders will automatically avoid the grooved sections so will leave pedestrians undisturbed. Then widen the existing walkways by say 3/4 meter. Easy!”

Mr Tay – who presently serves as Adjunct Professor at the National University of Singapore’s Department of Architecture – later provided examples of how the existing walkways are designed and how they can be improved.

In one example he provided, Mr Tay pointed out that the pillars supporting the shelter covering the walkway can be easily altered at little cost to widen the footpath:

He subsequently pointed out a better design that would give pedestrians and PMD riders more space, where the pillars are thinner, without a bulky base and pushed to the very outskirts of the footpath:

Veteran architect criticises poorly designed pedestrian walkway that could have been improved “at very little cost”

Food delivery riders crowd around Shanmugam at Meet-The-People Session on the day PMD ban takes effect

Over 11,000 sign petition urging the Govt to reverse PMD ban on footpaths within 24 hours

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PAP features 4 new faces at convention— will they contest in the next GE? –

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Singapore—Four new faces stood out at ruling People’s Action Party PAP65 Awards and Convention at the Singapore Expo on Sunday, November 10, which Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said could be the last time the party activists gather together before the General Election (GE).

At the gathering, which saw an audience of over 2,500 PAP activists, four such activists made speeches regarding trust-building, social mobility, inclusivity, and other related topics.

One speaker was the 40-year-old chairman of the Paya Lebar branch, Alex Yeo Sheng Chye, who is a lawyer.

The Straits Times (ST) quotes him as saying, “As PAP activists on the ground, we just concentrate on continuing to serve them. The most important part of it is that we must convince them that we are here to stay.”

For the past two years, Mr Yeo has been the chairman of the PAP’s Paya Lebar branch within the Aljunied GRC, held by the Workers’ Party.

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In his speech, he emphasized how important it is to build trust on the ground, which he says cannot be done overnight. He told members of the media, “Rebuilding trust takes a long, long time.”

The other three new faces are 47-year-old Rachel Ong Sin Yen, a child executive;  41-year-old Wan Rizal Wan Zakariah, a polytechnic senior lecturer; and 36-year-old Kawal Pal Singh, who, like Mr Yeo, is also a lawyer.

The media asked the four PAP activists if they would contest in the next election, since it has happened before that those who have spoken at PAP’s gatherings have ended up as candidates on the party’s slates.

But each one replied that the choice of whom to field in the elections is not theirs to decide on.

Ms Ong may be seen as a PAP legacy of sorts, since her uncles and father are also volunteering with the party. She is with the Telok Blangah branch of PAP, and aside from her job as the chief executive of Rohei, a consultancy firm, Ms Ong, runs Trybe, with its three outreach organizations for youths at risk—the Singapore Boys’ Hostel, a Community Rehabilitation Centre for first-time drug abusers, and Trybe Aftercare.

She said, “We work with very marginalised children and the youth. We also work with their parents to help them rehabilitate and become contributing citizens again.”

Kawal Pal Singh is the nephew of former PAP MP Inderjit Singh, and is an overcomer all on his own. His modest educational background did not stop him from pursuing legal studies with evening classes, and then eventually obtaining a law degree at the University of Southampton in Britain.

Of PAP the lawyer says, “I was welcomed (by the party) with open arms…It is important to have a diverse group of volunteers to help diverse people.”

As for Dr Wan Rizal, he talked about how in his early days as a teacher, having amended a handball game in order to include a differently-abled student in a wheelchair inspired him to pursue further studies, to the point that he has already gotten his degree and went on to obtain his doctorate. The ST reports that he has been seen on the ground with Punggol East MP Charles Chong and Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC MP Zainal Sapari. -/TISG

Read related: ‘PAP must “explain truthfully” its motive in bringing motion against Low and Lim’ – Pritam Singh

‘PAP must “explain truthfully” its motive in bringing motion against Low and Lim’ – Pritam Singh

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