Looks like the National Day spirit is still in the air, and it smells like durians.

A store in Choa Chu Kang announced on Facebook that it has 540kg of durians to give away to Singapore’s elderly as part of a belated celebration of the country’s 54th National Day.

Located on the ground floor of the Sunshine Plaza mall at 475 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3, Yi Liu Ji Durian said it will give away one XO durian to each senior citizen when they present their Pioneer Generation or Merdeka Generation cards.

In the unlikely event you’re unaware, Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation cards are given to Singaporeans aged 70 and above so they can enjoy special medical and financial benefits provided by the government. And it appears the benefits now include the thorny king of fruits.

Ad by Yi Liu Ji Durian on its durians giveaway. (Photo: Yi Liu Ji/fb)
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Ad by Yi Liu Ji Durian on its durians giveaway. (Photo: Yi Liu Ji/fb)

The free durians, however, will only be available from 4pm to 7pm, or while stocks last.

The store is also looking for volunteers who can help them with crowd and traffic control — smart move considering the chaos and broken smartphone dreams caused by last month’s Huawei National Day promotion.

Thousands had scrambled to get in line outside Huawei stores across Singapore to get hold of the S$54 Y6 Pro smartphone only to be turned away due to limited stocks. Even the police had to be roped in to calm down angry aunties and uncles.

Here’s a peek of the incident to refresh your memory:

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