Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen shot to fame after playing the role of Ip Man, a wing chun master who was also Bruce Lee’s teacher.

One kick wonder

The 55-year-old Yen, who possesses plenty of fighting chops, uploaded a video to Instagram on July 3, 2019 of him doing the bottle cap challenge.

The challenge consists of taking the cap off a plastic bottle with a single kick.

However, Yen took it two steps further:

  1. Instead of using a plastic bottle, he used a glass bottle
  2. He did the challenge blindfolded

Here’s the video:

The smirk on his face after taking off the blindfold says enough.

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Yen’s video has since been watched 2.2 million times and has half a million likes.

English actor Jason Statham, known for his action movies, also took a successful stab at the challenge (albeit without a blindfold):

As did singer John Mayer:

And after this challenge, it is probably called The Zlatan:

More personalities follow

Although the challenge wasn’t started by them per se, hordes of people soon followed, including local actress/ comedian Irene Ang.

As it turns out, Ang has an extremely powerful finger.

On the other hand, local singer/ actor Benjamin Kheng is more about the journey than the destination:

Actor Noah Yap gave it a try too, we guess.

Next level challenge

But it seems like some challengers might just have surpassed Yen:

And look at this, wow, just amazing:

And finally, this guy who did it without even touching the bottle:

Great stuff.

Top image via Donnie Yen and Irene Ang’s Instagram

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