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Image: Instagram (@juz_mel)

Gong Cha might have been forced to leave Singapore for a little while but they’ve never forgotten us.

So when Singapore’s 54th birthday is around the corner? You can be sure that they’ll want to do something special to celebrate this event.

And they did.

Introducing The Rose Milk Tea

From now until 9 Aug 2019, make your way to any Gong Cha outlet islandwide to get your hands on a nice cup of Bandung Milk Tea with Strawberry Pearls at $3.50 per cup.

Just like our Singapore flag, you’ll get two distinctive colours: red and white. Then shake it to get that beautiful ombre pink.

Not The First Time

Last year in 2018, Gong Cha launched a similar drink.

Except instead of white pearls, they’re using strawberry pearls this time.

How Does It Taste?

Now, we’ve not had the chance to try the drink for ourselves, partly because our boss is stingy and we’re broke writers.


Do you have a friend who’s always smiling? Watch this video and you’ll know why he or she is always so happy:

We decided to do the next best thing: go online and search for reviews on what this drink tastes like.

And according to a reputable food website in Singapore, the drink’s really safe.

They mentioned that the rose fragrance was “distinct but not overpowering” which helps to combine the rose flavour and milk tea really well.

For reference, the strawberry pearls in the drink are similar to Gongcha’s white pearls, except with a hint of strawberry.

You might want to see if you can change your strawberry pearls (I know that’s the highlight, it’s your choice) to their normal black pearls. They mentioned it might up the drink’s level a little bit.

In a nutshell? Don’t expect anything too out of this world for this drink.

But hey, sometimes, when it comes to food, we’ll prefer something safe and nice than outrageous and possibly not that nice, right?

You can find your nearest Gong Cha outlet here.

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