As people who have been in this industry for long, we know one of the biggest pet peeve of home-seekers and agents alike is duplicated listings.

As agents, sometimes it’s not something we can easily work around. Homeowners are free to engage multiple agents- and that means other agents listing the same property on the same platform as you. This may cause frustration on both the buyers and agents front.

Buyers get frustrated because they feel their time is wasted browsing the same listings over and over again, whereas for agents there’s no clear way to differentiate their listings. This would not only cause your listings to get drowned out, but would also affect your credibility.

In cases like that, how can you make your listing stand out and improve agent credibility at the same time?

With our new Verified Listing, you now can.

So what are verified listings?

“Verified” listings are properties that have a unit number assigned, and are verified by our ops team to not be a duplicate.

Why verified listings?

To us, Verified listings is a way to create a win-win scenario between both agents and property seekers. For property seekers, “Verified” Listings reduces time in finding their property by helping to focus on listings which are authentic and available. For landlords, “Verified” Listings help to stand from the rest of the listings, driving more engagement with the listing among property seekers. 

Why should you verify?

Verified Listings a great way to build trust as all verified listings get a “Verified” badge on their listing. Additionally, we have smart filters that prompt consumers to focus on “Verified” Listings- that means more visibility for you! From what we’ve seen so far, “Verified” listings achieve 3x higher views which results in more leads for agents.

To verify, simply:

  • Go to your listings dashboard in website or app.
  • For each of your listings, you’ll see a link inviting you to “Verify this listing”.
  • Upon clicking on the link, your listing will be checked for the unit number and it’s uniqueness across other listings on the portal.
  • If no other “Verified” listing for this unit exists, you’ll be offered to proceed. There is a small token of 99 credits to be paid upon verification (discounted from 199 credits). This helps to cover our costs of ensuring listings are verified.
  • will check all newly submitted “Verified” listings for past history and presentation.

As with all our other tools and products, there are some T&Cs you should be aware of for Verified Listings:

  • This service is available for subscribing agents only.
  • All listings will have their “Verified” status for 90 days since the confirmation date.
  • “Verified” status is valid for 90 days and can be renewed by following the above steps.
  • Please do not try to verify fake listings! If any listing gets reported and confirmed as not real, we will remove the offending listing and blacklist the agent on our portal. In some cases, we may even have to refer the agent to CEA too.
  • This service isn’t yet available for commercial and room rental listings.

We hope this helps clarify what Verified Listings is! Feel free to reach out to our Support team should you have any other questions for Verified Listings.

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