Despite what some reviews might say, not once did I feel like I might turn gay. Also, there were never attempts to create a compelling story or build believable personalities that would allow me to see the characters as anything more than technically well-done drawings. What the game does have is incredible self-awareness in being a marketing stunt, one made to appeal to millennials or Gen Zs with lolsorandom xd humour.

As a surprisingly educational aside, the game actually teaches you a little about the KFC company. For instance, alleging that frozen chicken tastes good will result in a disappointed Colonel, and the game’s fact dropping about KFC’s use of fresh chicken; which seems to be true even in Singapore. Pete Harman, the businessman who opened the first KFC franchise, even makes a small cameo. 

Is it a good game to invest in for more than an hour? 

No. The novelty of your quirky classmates and Bishonen Colonel Sanders quickly wears off, and turns into an overused joke. 

Critics have denounced the game as being insincere towards parodying the dating sim genre, which has a pretty convoluted history of being misunderstood. While dating sims are recognised as a genre, many works still remain untranslated and unplayed by the gaming population. As such, gamers and non-gamers unexposed to the variety of dating sims available form an unrepresentative idea of what makes a “dating sim”—not unlike parodies like this KFC game, and Doki Doki Literature Club. 

Critics see this as disrespect towards the genre, especially since the very thing they are parodying doesn’t even necessarily exist. It’s the gaming equivalent of introducing people to pasta via instant cup pasta. 

But rather than looking at this as a game, it’s more accurate to look at it as an interactive ad or a piece of ‘content’. 

Realistically speaking, anyone who is going to be amused by this is not going to treat it as an actual game in the first place. Putting anymore effort into this would be counterproductive to constructing a fulfilling experience for the player, who fully knows they are just playing an ad for the “lul factor”. 

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