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Singapore — A man betrayed his neighbour’s trust when he repeatedly molested their eight-year-old daughter.

The unnamed 47-year-old accused is a Malaysian man and a Singapore permanent resident. His identity cannot be divulged in order to protect the young victim who is a minor.

According to an initial report by Today, the man lived with his wife and resided in their in-laws’ house. He had been working at Marina Bay Sands at the time.

The young victim and her parents lived next door in a two-storey house.

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The mother is a Chinese national and a Singapore permanent resident while the father is Singaporean. The couple had a baby girl in 2009. The family initially lived in China but moved permanently to Singapore in June 2014.

On Sept 4, 2017, the suspect went to the young girl’s house in order to repair the water heater as requested by the father.

He did as he was told. However, he returned just as the girl’s father left for work.

He went up to the young girl’s bedroom and showed her sexual photos and videos on his phone. The man then touched the girl’s private parts to which she protested.

Despite her cries, the man pulled down the girl’s underwear.

She ran down to the living room but did not tell her aunt about the incident.

The suspect molested the girl again in Dec 2017.

He went into the girl’s house when she was home alone using the key that the neighbour’s entrusted him with. He made the girl watch online “sex videos.” The man then undressed the little girl and molested her as she was watching the obscene videos.

He took a shower and left to pick up his wife from Marina Bay Sands.

The young girl then asked her mother to take back the key from their neighbour. She eventually told her mother that the man had been molesting her.

The mother rushed to confront the man who initially denied the accusations. Later in the evening, the suspect admitted to his crimes.

On Tuesday (Sept 10), the man pleaded guilty to two counts of using criminal force to molest a minor. Other charges such as showing pornographic materials to the girl will also be considered. He will be sentenced on Thursday./TISG

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