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The gentlemen’s kit to looking dapper

The gentlemen’s guide to men’s grooming and mastering the art of hair and beard care

Hair is as important for women as it is for men. A guy can go from a two to a 10 real quick with the right hairstyle. Using shampoo and conditioner for your hair is one thing but beards are another category altogether. How does one groom a sick goatee, maintain their mane and master the art of shaving? If it’s getting a little too daunting for you, fret not as we guide you through this hairy situation. You will have your hair routine down in no time with this guide to men’s grooming.


Shampoo and condition

Male scalps tend  to be oilier and require daily washing. It’s best to get a shampoo that’s tailored specifically for men as these shampoos do not suck the moisture out of the scalp. It’s common for men to skip on the conditioner and that’s where they go wrong. Quick hair fact: Each strand is made up of microscopic cells that resemble fish scales. These outer layers take a lot of damage from the sun and gunk from hair products and air pollutants. Conditioners help to restore the outer layer by locking in nutrients, giving it a healthy glow. Think of shampoos as facial cleansers and conditioners as moisturisers. Aesop’s volumising conditioner does just that and leaves your hair smelling minty fresh!

Facial hair grooming


Shaving cream is a must before you go in for the kill with your razor. It helps to moisten and prep the skin, forming a thin coat of protection between the skin and the blade. Here’s a pro tip: apply the shaving cream in circular motions. It helps to lift the hair, resulting in a smoother shave. If you’re in the mood to pamper yourself, level up with a badger brush to make the experience more relaxing. 


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Change your razor blade after every five to seven shaves. Photography: Supply

Sometimes, shaving can lead to a bloodbath – yes, that might be an exaggeration but you get our drift. It’s best to shave after a hot shower as your hairs become softer, making the shaving process easier. Shave in the direction of your hair growth. We know that shaving the opposite direction might give you a closer shave but that results in bumps and the nasty ingrown hairs. Also, it’s time to get a new blade if you start noticing more tugging than gliding. 


Your post-shave skin needs a little TLC, especially if there are nicks and cuts. Keep your skin hydrated by getting an aftershave sans alcohol. It’s 2019 and by now you should know that alcohol shrivels up your skin. 

Beard wash

Those who have embraced their hairiness know that beard maintenance is legit. Just like the hair on your head, you need to wash it. The Morgan’s Beard Wash hydrates even the thirstiest of coarse hair, leaving it soft and manageable.

Beard oil

We can’t stress this enough but beard oil is a must if you have a thick beard. Beard oil is typically made up of essential oils and carrier oils. Trying to replicate the natural oils found on your skin, it hydrates the skin underneath the beard and tames the beard – killing two birds in one stone. The beard tonics from Herbivore are a miracle worker. Made from natural plant oils, the tonic conditions and nourishes the beard. Not to mention, leaves a woody, earthy scent. 

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