Family Of Malaysian Teen With Leukaemia Seeks Urgent Help For Medical Bills

Family is something many of us tend to take for granted. The story of this Malaysian teen boy is a sobering reminder why we should appreciate the presence of our loved ones.

Chen Zhi Jie, a 16-year-old teen is currently suffering from leukaemia. According to China Press, he was diagnosed with the illness on 6 May 2019 after experiencing physical discomfort.

He currently needs S$330,000 (RM1 million) to undergo treatment.

To make things worse, his father Chen Hui Zhong is a stroke patient who can no longer walk, and his mother has passed away in 2018.

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Zhi Jie’s father Hui Zhong, and uncle Hui Shen (right)

Right now, both senior and junior Chen are entirely dependent on their retired uncle Chen Hui Shen, and donations from charity organisations, for support.

Rushed to the hospital & diagnosed with leukaemia

On the night of 6 May, Zhi Jie’s father noticed him breathing abnormally loudly while sleeping.

He also noted that Zhi Jie started coughing even after attempting to sooth the cough by drinking a cup of warm water.

Worried, he got a neighbour to bring his son to the hospital as he was not physically able to do so.

It was also reported that the incident happened around 3am in the morning, and they could not get a cab to rush to the hospital.

Therefore, the neighbour brought Zhi Jie to a nearby fire station which he was then successfully sent to the Kuala Lumpur Central Hospital’s Emergency Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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That was when Zhi Jie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

Concerned about the future, Zhi Jie’s uncle, Hui Shen told China Press that he could not bear to see his nephew have no one to rely on after being diagnosed with this sickness.

Hence, he decided to take up the responsibility to care for Zhi Jie too.

Chemotherapy caused several side effects

In a battle with leukaemia, Zhi Jie underwent chemotherapy, which left him with several side effects.

Contrary to what we expect, after undergoing chemotherapy, his cancer cells started to increase. Even doctors believed that he would not be able to make it pass this stage.

In addition, the chemotherapy also left Zhi Jie with several side effects and infections.

As a last fight for survival, Zhi Jie is looking into going for a CAR T-cell therapy at a private hospital.

The therapy would supposedly help him win the leukaemia battle.

Therefore, to help in Zhi Jie’s medical bills, Ai Ma Charity started a fundraiser and is aiming to raise a total of RM 1 million — S$330,000.

Entire treatment costs up to S$330,000

Ai Ma Charity’s commissioner, Cai Yi Quan provided a breakdown of the costs needed for the entire treatment process.

For his treatment in the private hospital itself, it would cost up to RM 400,000 — S$132,000.

That is not inclusive of bone marrow transplant procedures which will cost up between RM 350,000 to RM 400,000 — S$115,500 to S$132,000.

That sums up to about RM 1 milllion — S$330,000 to be raised in order for Zhi Jie to undergo the therapy.

If you’d like to donate, more information can be found at the bottom of China Press’ article here. Alternatively, you could contact +6010-363 3393.

Cai Yi Quan also mentioned that if Zhi Jie has the opportunity to undergo the treatment, there is a high chance of recovery judging from the history of success rates.

Everyone can do something for him

After looking at the predicament of Zhi Jie’s life, it really reminds us of how unpredictable life is.

Despite having to go through the trauma of losing his mom, Zhi Jie now has to fight the battle of leukaemia.

Therefore, even if we can’t contribute monetarily, may we continue to look out for updates on him and cheer him on virtually.

We sincerely hope that Zhi Jie will be able to recover one day and have a second take at life.

Feature image adapted from China Press and Google Maps.

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