The Char Kway Teow ($11.90) is a little cheaper, but what it gains in value, it loses in flavour. The kway teow is the moist, gummy type with no wok hei, no cockles, and no lard. There is exactly one piece of lup cheong, which is served Western-style, i.e. uncut. It also comes with four monstrous prawns which have no business being there. 

I suspect they were added because regular char kway teow has no unique selling point, and looks too unattractive to tempt the tourist diner.

The worst dish, however, is the Sambal Stingray ($14.90). Two thick slabs of stingray were brought forth, but I gave up after 5 or 6 bites. You can’t fault their -uh- generosity, but it looked awful and tastes exactly as it looks. I am reminded of the stringy, overcooked chicken breast I used to eat when I was 19 and trying to get swole.

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