A personal mobility device rider speeding along Bedok Reservoir Road was kicked violently to the ground by an officer, dashcam video circulating online today shows. 

The uniformed officer in a green neon vest can be seen sprinting toward the rider at a traffic junction and kicking with his right leg, causing the rider to lose control, crash into the curb and go flying head-first into the ground. 

It is not clear from the clip whether the rider was on an e-scooter or an e-bike — the former is prohibited from roads. There’s no indication of how badly the commuter was hurt in the Tuesday incident, though another photo posted online showed an ambulance at the scene. 

“The errant PMD was hurt and SCDF sent him to the hospital,” read an update on popular traffic page ROADS.SG

The clip has been posted to several Facebook pages including SG Road Vigilante where it’s been shared more than 1,000 times and was hailed for its brutality.

PMD rider refused to stop during [Land Transport Authority] operation and was taken down by ‘green man,’” the post read. 

Ambulance at the scene. Photo: Seah Guo Wei via ROADS.SG/Facebook
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Ambulance at the scene. Photo: Seah Guo Wei via ROADS.SG/Facebook

The Land Transport Authority, or LTA, stations officers at several housing estates to monitor riders of devices such e-scooters and enforce traffic rules. They can be recognized by their green neon vests. 

Like all things PMD-related, Singaporeans’ views were split with regard to this latest incident. As PMD-haters cheered the officer for kicking the rider, the pro-PMD camp questioned the legality of the officer’s actions. 

“You sure that’s how you stop PMDs?” Instagram user @Bomboceyy wrote.  

“The officer should be award(ed) best enforce officer of the Year 2019,” Facebook user Derrick Ng said.



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