Tin Pei Ling, People’s Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament (MP) of MacPherson Single Member Constituency (SMC), had put up a Facebook post on January 22, 2020, warning residents of a doctored banner photo of her that was being circulated online.

Here is the original photo.

The doctored banner, which Tin described as “so crass that (she) would not even put it up here”, has edited the words “A happy & prosperous Lunar New Year” out to “Enjoy happy savings with government U-Save rebates”.

Tin told Mothership that she has filed a police report and will leave it up to the police to determine if they should take action.

The Police confirmed that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

She also reiterated that the act showed a lack of respect for women.

Tin also wondered what, if any, was the correlation between the doctored banner’s message and her own message, as the two had no overlap in message at all.

Tin also thanked the public for their support after her post went up.

“Comments to my posts (including from my residents) have been supportive of me. Many condemned the action and also gave me words of encouragement. I’m thankful for their support.”

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Top image from Tin Pei Ling’s Facebook page.

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