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Singapore—Lee Yan Han (22), a police and national serviceman, came up with a ploy to get his friend to send him pictures of herself in revealing clothing.

Lee knew the victim (21) through a chat group from a common friend according to an initial report by The New Paper.

After getting to know each other through the chat group, Lee sent the victim a private message and told her about his “investigation” in July last year.

According to Lee, he was tasked to investigate cases of fake mirrors in changing rooms that targeted women. He explained that the assignment was part of his work for the national services with the police.

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During a video call on WhatsApp, Lee then asked the victim about what bra she was wearing. He said he needed to use photos of the victim in her underwear as “bait” to lure and catch perpetrators.

The victim was unwilling at first, but was swayed by Lee’s sob story of having to work by himself on such cases. The victim followed Lee’s instructions and wore a pink bra under a translucent shirt. She then agreed to let Lee take screenshots of her wearing the revealing outfit during the video call.

Lee then instructed the victim to take off her bra to which she refused. However, she was coerced into unhooking her bra and partially exposing herself due to Lee’s demands.

The victim said she felt “uncomfortable” and “betrayed” after the call. She told her friend about the incident and filed a police report afterwards.

Lee was never assigned to investigate such cases. Authorities discovered the screenshots of the victim on Lee’s phone.

Lee was sentenced to three months of jail for cheating the victim, but he is currently out on a S$15,000 bail. He has been summoned to return to court on Oct 21. -/TISG

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