R-chord Hsieh’s wife is suing her husband and his livestreamer girlfriend, Liya.

Suing husband and girlfriend

According to an Instagram post on Jan. 13, Keanna Taiyh said that she would be suing them.

Keanna stated that Hsieh and Liya had pursued a romantic relationship, even though Hsieh was already married. She also claimed that they would display their affections publicly by holding hands and kissing.

Keanna alleged that the blow from the affair caused her to suffer from a miscarriage.

R.chord Hsieh’s wife suffered miscarriage 39 days into pregnancy, suspected from stress of husband’s affair

Keanna is demanding NT$4.2million (S$180,187) compensation, and the figure she is demanding appears to be no accident as well.

She said that she deliberately chose the figure “420”, because it references April 20 (4/20) as “his favourite” date.

4/20, or April 20, is known as ‘weed day’ in cannabis culture.

This is her Instagram post:

Around the same time, Hsieh also uploaded a video to YouTube saying: “Thank you, my money-loving ex-wife”.

Tensions between the couple

Keanna and Hsieh appear to be in an ongoing conflict since she reported him to the authorities for marijuana usage last year.

Hsieh subsequently announced his intention to file for divorce, and openly admitted to dating Liya.

Liya has appeared in one of his music videos, uploaded on Jan. 6.

Around the same time, Hsieh also removed the official music video of the song “Thanks for your love” that he wrote for and featured Keanna in it.

Earlier in Jan. this year, Kenna took to Instagram to slam the couple, suggesting that Liya was only in a relationship with her husband for the fame.

Around a week ago, Hsieh had also uploaded a video of what is presumably boxes of Keanna’s packed-up belongings, with the video caption reading “my biggest regret in life is knowing you, KT”:

He had also apparently gotten a tattoo of Keanna’s face covered up:

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Top photo via Keanna Taiyh/IG, YouTube video screenshot

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