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Secretary-general of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) Dr Tan Cheng Bock, recently accompanied some of his party members to a blood donation drive.

In a social media post earlier today, the former general practitioner wrote, “Recently, I accompanied some friends (members of PSP and also ordinary Singaporeans) to respond to an appeal to donate O type blood. We took the MRT to 2 centres, one at Westgate and one at Dhoby Ghuat (sic)”.

He added, “Many were giving blood for the first time and it was heartening to see so many volunteers. The staff at both centres were very experienced and helped make everyone feel comfortable. I felt very proud to see so many Singaporeans, including PSP members, respond to the call. Our blood banks must always have sufficient amounts ready to save lives”.
“Thank you all who turned up! Let’s make this a regular affair”, Dr Tan said.

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In November of 2012, Dr Tan Cheng Bock closed down his clinic, after it was in operation for 41 years. The Ama Keng Clinic started out as a run down shophouse made of wooden planks and zinc roof.

Dr Tan retired as a doctor last year, after 50 years of serving as a general practitioner.

Upon his retirement, he wrote, “I tell them that retirement is not an option for me I am merely switching my role from serving patients to serving people. I always say that medicine is my love, but politics is my calling.The country and the peoples’ welfare are my top priority”. /TISG

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