After Molly Zhao Yusi and her allegedly Singaporean father, Zhao Tao, figured in the still-exploding United States college admissions scandal,  another Asian student’s name has cropped up: Sherry Guo. Instead of Molly’s Stanford admission issue, Sherry and her family have been named as entangled with the Yale University admissions system, and the soccer program.

Who is Sherry Guo?

According to reports, Sherry Guo is a 21-year-old girl who was able to get in Yale University thanks to the main culprit in the United States university college admissions scandal. William Singer has pleaded guilty to several charges of fraud, where he was accused of using bribes, rigging interviews, and subverting the supposedly-fair and airtight system of admitting students into prestigious Ivy League colleges.

Online sources say that Sherry was only enrolled as a freshman in Yale when the scandal struck, and was a late student (hence her age). She came fromJSerra Catholic High School in San Juan Capistrano, California., but it was unclear whether she was studying there on her own or if her whole family had moved from China.

Since the scandal broke, Sherry’s social media footprint has been erased, with all her social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook wiped.

How did she get into Yale?

According to publicly-available court proceedings, William Singer had emailed an assistant soccer coach named Laura Janke in Yale, who was responsible for creating a profile for Sherry that included her fake prowess in soccer so she could be part of the team and gain admission. In a report, an email from William Singer directed Janke to, ““[C]ould you please create a soccer profiles asap for this girl who will be a midfielder and attending Yale so she has to be very good. Needs to play Academy and no high school soccer…awards and honors — more info to come — need a soccer pic probably Asian girl.”

The email allegedly said that they would put Sherry down as a midfielder, and was even tasked to find a picture of an Asian girl playing soccer to strengthen the ruse.

Sherry was designated the fictitious co-captain for her high school soccer team, among other false statements.

Sherry’s parents then paid the admissions scheme camp $500,000 and when Sherry was finally enrolled, gave $1.6 million to the school.

What’s their defense?

While Sherry Guo and her family have not been charged for their involvement in the scandal, Sherry has left Yale. The report did not say if she was expelled or had been transferred out.

Their lawyer has said, though, in their statement to the media, that they had been duped through conversations based on bad faith. According to the report, a language barrier and their ignorance of how American universities admissions programs worked was used against the Guos, who had not actually sought to defraud the university and it’s admission system.

Still nothing on Molly Zhao Yusi

While the million-dollar amount that the Guos paid upon their daughter’s enrollment and the fake soccer profile do raise serious questions about the whole deal, the amount is small compare to the $6.5 million that Molly Zhao Yusi’s parents paid just to get her into Stanford.

Molly has since been expelled from Stanford.

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