10 Thoughts Only a Person Who is Allergic to Seafood Will Relate To & Understand

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Cereal prawns, chili  crabs, calamari rings, and a whole buffet of fresh succulent seafood dishes would make any self-respecting Singaporean on the hunt for the best eats in town drool.

But those with seafood allergy would be envious. While others are slurping on oysters and digging into crayfish, what exactly is going on in the minds of those with seafood allergies?

1. Why no ‘Jio‘ me?

This is not exactly a thought but it’s more like an accusatory question aimed at best friends who happily went to JB for a sumptuous seafood dinner and you ARE NOT INVITED.

Well, their excuse would be “you are allergic mah. There is no point jio-ing you along because you can’t eat seafood”.

But hey, seafood restaurants have other non-seafood dishes that you can enjoy and having a seafood allergy does not mean your friends can insensitively leave you out of a fun gathering.

2. A little bite won’t die. Right?

I am allergic to crabs and prawns. I love ebi tempura and had a few when I went for a buffet last month but at the cost of swollen eyes and itching skin.

However, I would like to caution readers that unless you know the extent of your seafood allergy, please do not give in to your cravings as allergic reactions can be dangerous.

3. It’s ok. I dislike/hate seafood.

Frankly, this is what I tell myself and those around me when I religiously avoid seafood at meals.

Tell yourself that you not only dislike seafood but hate it because it becomes fishy when cold or you just cannot bear the thought of eating the prawn when its cold dead eyes are staring at you.

4. Why me?

Quite sure that this thought has crossed the mind of a person with seafood allergy at least once in his lifetime. This question is like asking why you are not born with a sharp nose or double eyelids.

An allergy is simply a disorder of the immune system and there is not much you can do but avoid its stimulants. In this case, seafood.

5. Bo bian.

After living for quite some time with seafood allergies, one has learnt to make do with  it. Unlike others, we have to read menus and food labels more carefully but we are already used to it. In fact, it has become part and parcel of life.

After a car accident that left a scar on her face, her life changes. Forever. Click on the image below to watch her story:

6. No biggie.

This is one thought to comfort yourself. To think of it, there are many other delicious dishes that have nothing to do with seafood.

Moreover, seafood is expensive. Although you are missing out on important nutrients like DHA and some great dishes that can be qualified as national delicacies, you are not missing out that much.

7. What is the hype over raw fish and crustacean?

Long queues at the sashimi counter and seafood-on-ice are a common sight at buffets. And you would wonder what exactly is the hype over cold seafood?

Others might say raw seafood are sweet and fresh but if that is the reason, then why is the salad bar so deploringly empty? Frankly, I think people just want their money worth at buffets.

8. Why is raw seafood more expensive than cooked ones?

This a really good question I believe. Without having to pay for gas and ingredients, why is raw seafood so much more costly than hot steaming ones?

I suppose freshness is just as expensive as the process that removes caffeine from coffee.

9. Can I be selfish?

There are times when I entertained the thought of wanting to be openly selfish and demand my friends not to have a single seafood dish at the table.

But the selfishness is not exactly bad as everyone, including those who are allergic and/or hate seafood, can share the food together and reduce food wastage. Seafood might be great and so is saving the earth.

10. Yes! For the last time, I CAN eat fish.

Seafood allergies do not mean that one cannot eat fish; some can and others cannot.

Allergies, like people, differ. It is really annoying when people ask whether we can eat fish or not. We appreciate it more when people ask what we cannot eat.

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