3 productivity hacks you didn’t notice at Cheers outlets in Singapore – Five Stars And a Moon

1. New ready-to-eat range of products at Esso 

You can now catch a quick bite while pumping petrol. (In case you don’t drive, yes, there’re Cheers convenience stores at practically all Esso service stations!)

The Common Good Company supplies food from The Soup Spoon, PastaMania and ice cream shop Udders.

With all the talk going on on encouraging innovative business formats and technology in the food and retail industry, this is one step in the right direction.

Hope there is food for our Muslim and vegetarian friends!

2. Even their new staff are well-trained

Have you ever met customer service staff who are so lost that you can tell at one glance that the person is newly-joined? Sometimes, it’s not that the person is incompetent but rather, the staff has not undergone proper training.

Training usually eats up company’s time (time = money) so the longer the company takes to train an employee, the higher the opportunity cost. This is especially true for fast consumer moving goods (FCMG).

However, this probably won’t happen at Cheers because they found a way to train their staff efficiently without disrupting business.

Students at Nanyang Polytechnic School of Business Management came up with an e-learning system for Cheers so the staff need not wait for training classes to be scheduled.

3. Pay using the iCash system 

If you haven’t tried “playing” with this machine, it’s really fun!

Instead of handing money to the cashier, you will put your cash into the slots and voila! The machine will then return the correct change in both notes and coins to you.

While it may not seem like novelty to us since MRT ticketing machines have long implemented similar machines, it is a big leap for the retail industry.

Supermarkets, in particular, are facing manpower shortage. Many mature workers don’t want to be cashiers as they have fears of counting money – be it too slow in counting or counting wrongly.

iCash, the closed loop cash management system, will address the workers’ fears and encourage them to be cashiers.

It also allows cashiers to send the day’s takings into a backend machine which counts the money. This saves about half an hour of time spent counting cash for each cashier everyday.

iCash is currently available in 23 Cheers outlets in Singapore including the one at Sentosa beach station.

Do head over to try if you’re around the area!

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