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Singapore—Looks like satisfying your laksa craving is about to get quicker and easier. Last Friday (July 4), the Neo Group catering company announced its newest addition to the crew: a robot that makes laksa in 45 seconds.

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According to a report by Channel News Asia, Sophie the Robotic Chef can make about 80 bowls of delicious laksa within one hour. Orange Clove Catering and a local engineering company teamed up together to develop the robot noodle station.

Customers need only follow a few simple steps to get their bowl of laksa. They need to select their noodles and toppings of choice, such as vegetables and fishcakes. The robot will then blanch the noodles, add shrimp pieces, and finally pour in the laksa sauce. The entire cooking process takes a mere 45 seconds. Such efficiency can prevent food wastage and improve consistency of recipes.

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The robot noodle station is available for hire for both small and corporate events. However, rental pricing is yet to be determined. The group is also planning to add more dishes and recipes for the robot chef station.

Executive director of Neo Group Sally Liew described the possibilities that the new robot chef station can bring to Singapore: “The station ensures consistency in the delivery of our recipe, and management of food waste as customers can decide their preferred portion… We believe that live cooking automatic stations stand to be the future of Singapore’s catering industry due to its labour intensive nature.”

In 2017, a similar prototype of the laksa robot chef was announced.

Netizens are amused but rather skeptical about the robot chef. While the robot laksa chef is far from being able to take over the job of kitchen staff, perhaps everyone should taste the robot-made laksa and see for themselves if it is as good as their family recipe./TISG

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