Alleged Peeping Tom tackled in Clarke Quay after trying to unlock toilet door with coin, woman says

Another alleged Peeping Tom has been caught, and no it wasn’t at one of Singapore’s universities this time.

A man on Wednesday night allegedly attempted to spy on two women while they were in a handicap restroom in the Clarke Quay nightlife area. He even tried to unlock the door with a 20 cent coin, one of the women, Isabelle Amelia Tan, said on her Instagram account yesterday.

No, we’re not quite sure how you’d open a door with 20 cents either, but we’re just gonna roll with it.

Tan, who was with a friend named Jane, also said it was the man in question who had specifically told them to use the handicap toilet as the female toilet was full.

Assuming the man was waiting for his girlfriend to come out of the women’s restroom, she took him at his word (because how else would he have known it was full?).

Things started to get creepy when the man followed them a little too closely as they entered the toilet, a move just weird enough that it compelled Tan to scan the area for cameras.

As she was washing her hands in the sink, however, Tan saw in the mirror that the handle appeared to be turning on its own.

“I immediately yanked the door closed, and then it was forcefully pulled from outside, and that’s when I saw him pulling our f***ing door,” she wrote in her post, adding that the man had allegedly tried to open the door using a 20 cents coin.

Caught in the act, the man tried to run away, only to be chased down by Tan, who was joined by several bouncers and a female staff member from nearby nightclub Yang, who helped pin the man down until the police arrived.

“Girls, please protect yourself and your friends and always be cautious of your surroundings even when you’re wasted,” Tan said in her Instagram post, which also showed a photo of two police officers standing in front of the alleged Peeping Tom, who was sitting on the floor, his face blocked by one of the officers.

Police told Coconuts Singapore that they are unable to comment on the incident as “investigation findings are confidential in nature.”

Peeping Toms made headlines in Singapore earlier this year after victim Monica Baey, an undergraduate from the National University of Singapore, spoke out about a perpetrator who was given only a semester’s suspension for filming her in the shower.

In May, the government passed the Criminal Law Reform Bill, which introduce criminal charges for voyeurism for the first time. Those found guilty of the offense could be jailed for up to two years and caned.

Take care out there this weekend, guys.

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