American Burger Chain Five Guys is Opening Its First Outlet in Plaza Sing By End of 2019

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Image: Chris worldwide / (Image is for illustration purpose only)

2019 is set to be the year of the burgers.

Firstly, A&W is finally back in town after sixteen years. Shack Shack, a popular US fast-food chain, makes its debut in Singapore. McDonald’s reinvented the wheel and created another McSpicy.

And now, Five Guys has confirmed its location.


See lah, tell you to come to our app daily liao. Here’s a recap of what Five Guys is.

Five Guys, The Other Popular US Fast-Food Chain

Founded by the Murrell family of Jerry and Janie and their five sons, it first opened in the US in 1986, serving freshly cooked burgers which only use fresh ground beef and peanut oil. Their beef isn’t frozen either and they claim to not have any freezers in any of their thousands of locations worldwide, only coolers.

Burgers at Five Guys are made-to-order and hand-crafted, where you have the option to load your buns with any of the 15 different free toppings they offer, such as grilled onions, jalapeno peppers and relish.

The best part? You can add as many as you want at no extra charge at all!

You know how we appreciate a good deal as long as you put the word “free” in it.

Singapore’s Five Guys outlet will be the second in Asia, the first having opened in Hong Kong last November.

For many of us, we know about the chain through President Obama: the 44th POTUS, who’s well-known for his healthy lifestyle and diet, was seen buying lunch for himself and his colleagues in 2011.

After a car accident that left a scar on her face, her life changes. Forever. Click on the image below to watch her story:

Yes, he ordered it himself.

(We miss you, Obama)

As a president, it’s obvious that every single move is being cleared by his communications director, so it says a lot about the chain.

Rumours, Confirmation & More Confirmation

In May this year, there were rumours that the chain was coming to Singapore.

And a month later, in June, it’s confirmed: Zouk Group, the club that has once made clubbing great, announced that they’re the one bringing in Five Guys.

And today, they revealed that the location would be in Plaza Singapura (finally a new brand that’s not been “Jewellised”), and would be opening between October to December this year.

The CEO said, “We want our first ever outlet for Five Guys to be in the heart of the city, where it is convenient, easily accessible, and with high traffic complemented by a great tenant mix in the vicinity…Plaza Singapura offers us just that, and we are very fortunate to have secured this opportune space.”

And of course Plaza Singapura is happy. The Managing Director of Retail, CapitaLand Singapore, said, “CapitaLand is excited to extend our partnership with Zouk Group for the anchoring of Five Guys’ Singapore flagship outlet at Plaza Singapura…Celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, Plaza Singapura is one of Singapore’s most iconic malls on Orchard Road that is popular with both locals and tourists… I am confident that Plaza Singapura will be an excellent platform for the well-loved burger joint to reach out to its fans in Singapore and the region.”

Well, with everyone flocking to Funan Mall now, I can foresee the future: at the end of this year, Plaza Singapura’s going to be influencers’ next stop.

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