Can’t stop won’t stop queuing: Hundreds camp outside Orchard Road Apple Store for new iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max models

The Apple iPhone craze is still going strong in Singapore, apparently — hundreds of people camped outside the Orchard Road Apple Store, bringing with them luggage, umbrellas, and towels for their overnight stays on the street before doors open this morning for the launch of the latest iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max smartphones.

All three models have been available for pre-orders since Sept 13, three days after the tech company first introduced its newest flagship phone models at its keynote event on Sept 10.

So technically, you don’t even really need to join the queues since you’re able to pick a preferred time of collection when you make your pre-orders online. Our best guess is that a lot of the people who are queuing up are looking to purchase the new phones in bulk for friends abroad or to resell them to those who may not have an official Apple store in their city or country.

iPhone fans from across the region, including those from neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia, were among those who were unfazed by the Singapore haze — some had reportedly waited in line outside the Apple Store for more than 12 hours since yesterday afternoon.

Videos and photos posted to Facebook and Instagram showed them lying sprawled on the floor, having a picnic and sleeping rough along one of Singapore’s most bustling shopping streets as they waited patiently to grab Apple’s new phones. Doors opened at about 9 am today, and some have already posted photos of them with their prized possessions.

Prices for the phones range from S$1,149 (US$830) for a 64GB iPhone 11 to S$1,899 for the 256GB iPhone 11 Pro, and — *GASP* — S$2,349 for the 512GB iPhone Pro Max. The iPhone 11 comes in purple, yellow, green, white and red, while the other two models come in space grey, silver, gold, and Midnight Green.

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are the most well-known among the three for its triple-camera system comprising ultra-wide, standard wide and telephoto lenses. We’re sure they’re packing some pretty impressive tech under the hood, but eh, let’s just say the new designs have been pretty meme-worthy, too.

Check out some of the said memes, courtesy of creative and witty netizens, below:



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