Carlsberg introduces sustainable new look and offers a FREE Pint of Beer this 15 – 25 August

Whether its poured into a glass or enjoyed in a bottle or can, Singaporeans can look forward to even smoother and fresher Carlsberg beers ahead thanks to its series of new packaging innovations that provides better beer experiences while helping them to reduce their environmental impact.

The new Fresh Cap on Carlsberg bottles keeps the beer tasting fresh for fifteen times longer by reducing oxidation from the bottle. Oxygen though synonymous to life, causes the beer to lose its freshness and taste even faster. Carlsberg’s new Fresh Cap contains an oxygen scavenger in the liner of the cap which actively absorbs oxygen.

Beer drinkers enjoying the same great brew served in the new premium-looking stem glasses can delight in an even better-quality Carlsberg beer. The new stemmed glasses are bowl-shaped in design, allowing for a smoother pour and comes with a tapered mouth for a more aromatic beer with 25% better foam retention. Its tailored nucleation glasses also help to create a steady stream of bubbles and maintains the head on the beer.

Carlsberg beer also introduces Easy-to-Open packs – an additional easy to open tear perforation to its current packaging. The Easy-to-Open packs will make it easier for consumers to relish in beer sharing moments.

Besides being able to enjoy a better beer experience, consumers will be delighted to know that they will also be minimising the environmental impact while enjoying Carlsberg products with new sustainable packaging initiatives introduced. Carlsberg is going greener with its switch to Cradle to Cradle Certified silver ink on its bottle label that is produced using renewable energy. The ink will help improve the recyclability of packaging as it does not contain paper fibres which cannot be reprocessed.

A new coating of wax emulsion concentrate will also be applied to Carlsberg’s refillable glass bottles which help to double its lifetime. The coating reduces scuffing which extends the bottles’ longevity, allowing them to look new and more scratch-resistant longer, reducing the need for it to be replaced and disposed of easily.

Consumers will also notice a refresh in the brand’s core design elements which were drawn directly from its rich heritage while reflecting a sleek and chic updated look. Carlsberg’s refreshed Danish-inspired identity, which balances simplicity with contemporary design.

Held at Plaza Singapura’s atrium from 15 to 25 August 2019, beer lovers can experience Carlsberg’s next phase of its “Pursuit for Better” and embark on a one-of-a-kind immersive experience where they can discover the brand’s past, present, and future. Limited to one glass per person, Singaporeans can enjoy a free pint of Carlsberg beer.

To learn more about Carlsberg’s new look and betterments, visit here.

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