Celebrating World Meat Free Week with Quorn and REBEL

Last week (15 to 21 June) was World Meat Free Week (WMFW) and a group of people around the world made the pledge to go meat free for a week as a commitment towards sustainable food source to save planet Earth.

An annual, global initiative, in its 3rd edition this year, WMFW’s goal is to cast a spotlight on the importance of reducing meat intake for the sake of our planet. By 2050, global food production will struggle to keep up with more hungry mouths, who will need about 60 per cent more food. Meat agriculture has a heavier environmental impact compared to plant-based agriculture and a switch to more plant-based food consumption will help address sustainability in the long run. COVID-19 has also accelerated a change in consumers’ eating habits, leading people to take up healthier diets, which includes more plant-based options and foods that support the immune system. It might surprise you how much of an impact you can make by going meat free.

In the past, most people on meat free diet do so because of religious reasons. Increasing, many are going meat free as a lifestyle choice too to support sustainable food source or just to keep healthier.

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