Changi General Hospital allegedly sent wrong medical report to deceased patient’s grieving wife –

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Changi General Hospital (CGH) allegedly mailed the wrong medical report to the wife of a deceased patient, besides making errors on the patient’s insurance report, according to the Chinese daily.

The patient, 49-year Pan Kun Shun passed away at CGH on 15 June 2019. Mr Pan, whose cause of death was listed as Ischemic Heart Disease, suffered from chronic diabetes for several years of his life.

A week after he passed, CGH mailed a medical report to Mr Pan’s wife but she soon realised the details on the report were not accurate. The Chinese daily reports that the patient’s name, cause of death and date of admittance to CGH were all erroneous in the report that was sent to Mdm Pan.

To make matters worse, a separate report that was to be submitted to the insurance company bore the wrong details too. Mdm Pan told the publication: “The report said that my husband suffered from diabetes for 30 years – it should be 19 years. The report said that he was transferred to the intensive care unit on 7 July, but he died on 15 June.”

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CGH has reportedly apologised for the error and provided documents bearing the correct information to Mdm Pan. -/TISG

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