Charity helps 83-year-old woman get a new stove as she takes care of her son

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Singapore — Project Pencil Singapore, a community charity organisation that accepts donations of stationery, recently aided an 83-year-old woman.

In a Facebook post on Friday (May 21), the group wrote that they heard about the woman from her grandson.

“She was afraid to cook because her gas stove was making sounds as if it was going to explode anytime soon”, they added.

The elderly woman was not very strong any more but had to look after her son, who had recently undergone head surgery, while her grandson helped them out.

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The organisation added that they bought the woman an induction cooker and some pots and pans as well.

“Little kindness goes a long way. Some of us may think its (sic) just a trivial matter, but to those in need, it means a lot to them. Its (sic) not just a cooking problem but its (sic) also about being able to put food on the table too”, they added.

Last month, the organisation helped to furnish the rental flat of two orphan brothers who were found sleeping on a staircase landing during the circuit breaker last year.

They were found by Madam Sarimah, a woman from the charity Project Pencil.

One of the boys asked her for help and she kindly found a family to take him in and care for him for a few months.

Upon realising their new rental flat was bare, Mdm Sarimah sought help from friends and neighbours, who bought two fans, mattresses, pillows and blankets for the brothers. /TISG

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