Controversial Chinese firm promised ‘beautiful girls and handsome boys’ would woo new recruits

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A Chinese company with a history of dubious claims in its advertisements has found itself in hot water with authorities after it said that new hires would be getting high pay, cars, new homes, as well as be pursued by “beautiful girls or handsome boys” once they became part of its management training programme, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on Apr 2.

In 2019, the Coconut Palm Group already caused controversy with advertisements that said its coconut drinks would make women’s breasts bigger. A spokesman for the company later clarified that its drinks did not have the ability to do this.

Public criticism arose afresh after the company’s new recruitment advertisement last week, where individuals were invited to take part in its “school incubating general managers and vice general managers.”

Once the 20 “students, “whom they said would become part of the company’s management grooming system, signed up, they would get big paychecks, houses, cars and would “definitely wooed by beautiful girls or handsome boys”.

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SCMP reports that the group had posted the ad as they were looking for “talent with eagerness.”

A spokesman for Coconut Palm Group is quoted to have said in Red Star News, “What we said in the advertisement is true. It’s not fake propaganda, nor an intentional hype-up. It’s no need for us to attract people’s eyes. This is the propaganda style our company has been insisting on.”

The ads say those who apply must be below the age of 28 and have a degree from university.

If they get accepted, they must work for Coconut Palm Group for at least 14 years. After this, they may be considered for the position of General Manager.

The advertisements also indicated the yearly entry-level salaries for their hires. Those who have a bachelor’s degree receive 168,000 yuan (S$34,416), while master’s degree holders get 252,000 yuan (S$51,624). 

Those who have a PhD could have a sizable entry-level annual salary of 336,000 yuan (S$68,821), meanwhile.

However, according to the news on Wednesday (Mar 31), the Hainan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau said it will investigate Coconut Palm Group for alleged false advertising.

The Hainan Daily said that the authority talked to the management of the company to let them know its advertising is in violation of the law. 


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