Durian Yoghurt Bubble Tea Will Be Available At Funan Mall From Oct 25

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Image:Instagram (@eirikeats)

I‘m a pretty generic bubble tea guy.

If it’s not the occasional milk tea with pearls, sometimes I’d just go for something with a little cheese inside.

Bubble teas have been getting a tad bit more creative recently. In fact, one of our writers had the opportunity to try wasabi milk tea recently.

But sometimes people take things even further, not knowing if it would succeed.

Sometimes, people mix durian yoghurt with bubble tea.

Yoghurt To Be Kidding Me

No, this is real.

Don’t be too quick to judge! Never forget chemical X made the Powerpuff Girls.

Yanmi Yoghurt, a bubble tea chain from China and Australia, is set to officially launch at Funan Mall on 26 October.

The shop is currently in its soft launch state.

Their most popular drink is actually pretty interesting, a yoghurt purple rice drink that acts as a healthier replacement to bubble tea.

It even has a pretty nice colour to it.

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The purple rice supposedly has a chewy texture similar to pearls and comes from the Mojiang Hani Autonomous County within Yunnan.

The yoghurt is made from Australian milk.

All this sounds fine but what got me was that apparently, they’ve created a limited edition durian yoghurt drink that’s available from 25 October.

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Image: eyeobserver.com

I don’t hate durian but neither do I particularly love it either.

I’m just hoping my drink doesn’t smell bad to start.

Pushing that thought aside, some of the other items look rather interesting, like this avocado one below.

I’m definitely not biased towards avocado or anything by the way.

To be honest, I don’t see how you can make rice taste like pearls but hey, nothing ventured nothing gained.

As of this writing, the menu and prices are not finalised yet.

If you’re wondering where in Funan it is you can check out the address and operation times below.

Funan Mall
#02-03, 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105

Operating Hours:
10:30am – 10pm daily

I am a little curious about the whole rice-yoghurt affair though, maybe I’ll give it a taste.

More like any excuse to drink bubble tea and say it’s healthy is what I’ll take. 

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