Evian natural mineral water bottles now have a pink bottle cap and 100% recyclable made from 100% recycled plastic

evian unveils its new bottle design with an engraved logo in Singapore, as the brand looks at innovative ways to reduce its use of virgin plastic. In line with Global Recycling Day coming up on 18 March.

Reinventing the way evian natural mineral water is packaged for consumers to enjoy, the bottle also presents an opportunity to reaffirm the brand’s beliefs and involvement in protecting the environment. With almost two years in the making, the bottle is a first of its kind for the brand:

  • label-free
  • created from 100% recycled plastic

The introduction of evian’s new label-free bottle marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey to becoming a ‘circular’ brand by 2025 – making all of its plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic.

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In early 2020, evian received a global certification for becoming carbon neutral.

evian’s new bottle design will be available as a 400ml bottle and features an ‘evian pink’ bottle cap; both firsts within the evian product range. The new bottle is now available at Lazada, Redmart and SaladStop, and will be made available at selected hotels, cafes and other retail outlets in the months to come.

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