Facebook dating could be bad for Singaporean parents, but we’re still going to tell you how to use it

With Facebook rolling out its dating functions and even a Secret Crush feature, they’re effectively harnessing 4.8 million potential user profiles (in Singapore) that already exist on their database, possibly making it the biggest dating and relationship-building app yet. While people looking to make connections or find love within the friend circles they already have may have better chances now, Facebook dating dangers are about to be very real very soon.

How to get Facebook dating

Your Facebook profile is separate from your Facebook dating profile. You won’t be able to see if any of your friends have dating profiles unless you have your own. you can create a profile by doing the following:

  1. Tap the bookmarks tab on the app, which is the icon with three vertical bars on the upper right.
  2. You’ll be asked to provide your gender, dating photo, gender you’re interested in, and other optional information to start your dating profile.
  3. Facebook will then provide match suggestions to you. These could be anything from events, interests, likes, groups, and anything you allow Facebook to use to create these matches. You’d have been asked if the app can use this information in the previous step.
  4. You can either tap “Not Interested” or respond to one of the questions or photos of a person you like in order to start a conversation.

Take note that there is a separate profile and message inbox for Facebook dating. If you’ve listed yourself as “Married” or “In a relationship,” then you won’t be able to access the dating functions at all.

Dangers of Facebook dating

While single adults may be in for exciting times, there are implicit dangers to using the social media app to date, especially for parents. Here are some things to consider:

Children can access Facebook dating.

If your child has a Facebook profile, then they can access the dating feature and secret crush feature as well. If you’re monitoring their account, you could stop them or forbid them, but since it’s easy to create a profile, deleting and adding the profile when you’re not monitoring them isn’t so hard.

Your domestic helpers can access Facebook dating.

While they certainly have the right to find dates, some employers may be concerned with Facebook usage during work hours and even off-work, especially when domestic helpers have access to the home internet connection. All of us would want to trust our nannies not to engage in dating activities while during work hours, but it will difficult to monitor them. Some domestic helpers may also suddenly leave employment just because someone they met online could persuade them as such.

Another inherent danger is that traffickers and kidnappers can dupe domestic workers who have access to children to create opportunities to commit crimes. It’s imperative that employers discuss the dangers of using online dating during work hours.

Used for sex tourism

While Facebook would like to think that genuine connections are being made, the platform can no doubt be used by those engaged in illegal sex work and those who are looking to take advantage of such an arrangement.

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