HK actress Jessica Hsuan was worried she had Covid-19 after coughing non-stop, feeling weak – – News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

Hong Kong actress Jesssica Hsuan has started filming for Armed Reaction 2020.

Hong Kong media reported that Hsuan had decided to keep a safe distance from co-star Shiu Hung Hui, because she was previously not feeling well.

Worried she had Covid-19

According to 8World, Hsuan had flu-like symptoms, could not stop coughing, and felt weak. Medicines were apparently of no help as well.

Worried that she might have contracted Covid-19, she went to see the doctor immediately.

Hsuan said that despite her body aches, she did not have a fever. She was prescribed antibiotics.

However, because of her persistent cough, coupled with the fact that she felt extremely weak, she went to see another doctor to seek a second opinion.

The second doctor did not think that she had been infected with the virus either.

Tested negative

For a peace of mind, Hsuan eventually took the test and tested negative.

Hsuan was on medical leave for nine days.

Hsuan reportedly felt anxious about the virus situation. Sinchew reported that she would wear a mask if she was going out, and would “feel nervous” when she’s out on the streets.

Hsuan also expressed worries about her work schedule being affected should she be infected.

If infected, she could have posed a huge risk to the crew given the fact that there are a lot of people on set.

Co-star Shiu Hung Hui also said that he felt nervous about the whole virus situation, but wasn’t as worried as Hsuan. He added: “Usually I’m not the type to go out and meet people, other than work I’m mostly at home.”

Top photo via Hsuan’s Instagram.


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