How One Man Tried to Understand the Love for McDonald’s Curry Sauce By Having it With Every Meal

This was another success story in a day doused in curry sauce. The chicken’s saltiness was well complemented by the curry sauce. I was able to eat all four pieces, dabbed with curry sauce.

But for all my curry adventures, had I really learnt to love the curry sauce, enough to make it a daily part of my life?

Errr, maybe not.

For me, the McDonald’s curry sauce only goes well with McDonald’s products and other salty or savoury foods.

Then again, I’m also the same boy who saw his sister dip fries into ice cream at Swensen’s and fell in love with that weird food combination. It’s a family habit, in fact, to cross-pollinate the sauces we encounter when eating out.

The flow of trade and culture across the globe has ensured that food has transcended geographical boundaries. Critiquing the origins of food, is entirely valid, to acknowledge the roles colonialism and globalisation have played in dictating our food culture. But even as we interrogate the past, it doesn’t mean we can’t just love the food we love in the present. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Even after a day of curry sauce eating, the ineffable love we have for the McDonald’s curry sauce remains inexplicable, and perhaps it should remain that way, like how I don’t understand why I like ice cream with fries.

Few things are as staunchly resistant to pin down like food is. But every once in a while, a nation discovers something that it eats with its soul, like Singapore and the McDonald’s curry sauce.

It still stumps me that McDonald’s curry sauce is popular enough to warrant the release of its bottled form. The rapid sales reception only suggests that it’s here to stay. Maybe it could turn into a permanent menu item once McDonald’s has decided to stop teasing us. Good luck to all of you curry sauce lovers out there.

Do I love it?


But I’m okay with it.  

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