Ice-Cream Uncle Sold Ice-Cream Sandwich With Cardboard Wrapper So It’ll be Considered ‘Dabao’

With the arrival of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), dining-in has been prohibited and takeaway has once again become the norm. 

However, differing definitions of “dining-in” have caused much confusion (and laughter) online recently. 

Though we usually take “dining-in” to mean ordering and eating at a specific F&B outlet instead of bringing it home, one ice-cream uncle had a rather different idea. 

Here’s what happened.

Ice-Cream Uncle Sold Ice-Cream Sandwich With Cardboard Wrapper So It’ll be Considered ‘Dabao’

On Monday (17 May), Twitter user @almalik_faizal shared his strange yet comical experience buying an ice cream sandwich from an ice cream uncle. 

When he received his order, he realised that the rectangular block of ice cream remained snugly encased in its cardboard packaging, even though the uncle had already placed the ice cream within the rainbow bread, seemingly ready for consumption. 

When he questioned the uncle on this bizarre presentation of the ice cream sandwich, the uncle explained that the new measures in line with Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) prohibited him from removing the wrapper from the ice cream. 

According to the uncle, it was stipulated by the government that removing the wrapper would mean that the customer is “dining in”, which would be a breach of the new regulations. 

While we can’t be absolutely sure of the veracity of this claim, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? 

After all, who says masking up is only for us humans? Your ice cream sandwich may be in need of a little protection as well (if not from the virus, then at least from the unforgiving heat of the blazing afternoon sun). 

Needless to say, this highly amusing encounter has gone viral on Twitter, with over 2000 retweets and likes. 

Temporary Closure of Selected LiHo and Koi Outlets

Now that several LiHo and Koi Outlets will be temporarily closing down in light of the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, perhaps it’s time to look for another way to cool down in this sweltering heat. 

If the nearest LiHo/Koi outlet near your home has closed down, why not take this opportunity to beat the heat with some traditional and affordable ice cream from your friendly neighbourhood ice cream uncle instead?

You never know, you might just receive some extra packaging in your ice cream sandwich as well.

Featured Image: Twitter (@almalik_faizal)



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