Jianhao Tan’s 6-day-old newborn daughter, Starley Tan, has almost 70,000 followers

Singporean top vlogger Jianhao Tan and his wife, Debbie Tan, recently welcomed their baby daughter Starley Tan into their lives. She was born on September 19, 2019 at Thomson Medical.

Take a look at the labor and delivery video that Jianhao had put together for his followers who watched the fledgling family’s journey the past nine months below:

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At the end of the video, Jianhao mentioned that he and Debbie are planning to share their journey as parents to their fans and followers, and have a family channel and a lot of other content for the people who have always supported them.

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Little baby Starley, who is only six days old, now has her very own Instagram account, with almost 70,000 followers as of publishing. Here are some of her photos on her account.

Here is the first time that Jianhao carried his daughter.

Jianhao had also documented Debbie’s birth story on his Instagram account, along with photos of life at home with his new daughter.

Labor and delivery

According to Jianhao’s Instagram account, Debbie started having contractions on September 19, and they went to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. Jianhao even Debbie was in labor for the rest of the day, and eventually got an epidural when she said that she could not take the pain of the contractions any longer.

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Their daughter was born later that evening, and all their family, friends, and staff were there to welcome baby Starley. Take a look at some of the photos from the birth:

From the signs on the wall, Debbie and Jianhao had asked to have the cord blood from the umbilical cord preserved, as well as have a procedure done on her placenta.

They then revealed her name a few days after Debbie gave birth.

Fellow top Singaporean YouTuber Dee Kosh also attended the birth, since he was also there for a lot of the couple’s milestones, such as Jianhao’s proposal and even the wedding. Singaporean vlogger queen Xiaxue also paid baby Starley a visit.

You can expect more photos and videos of the Tans as the days go by! Congratulations on your new baby, Jianhao and Debbie!


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