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Jaejoong from Korean pop group JYJ is currently being investigated after taking to Instagram with an April Fool’s prank, saying that he had been infected with the coronavirus.

Said he had been hospitalised for Covid-19

AllKpop reported that his Instagram post on Apr. 1 said that he had been infected with Covid-19 “due to (his) carelessness for ignoring the advice provided by the government”.

This was his post in full, translated by AllKpop:

“I’ve been infected with COVID19. This was all due to my carelessness, for ignoring the advice provided by the government and all those around me. It’s a wonder how significantly one person’s actions can affect the greater society.. I am apologetic toward those who may have also been inflicted with the virus because of me. I’ve become like this because of my stupid decision, to live thinking it’ll never be me. I am being hospitalized. I am wrapped up feelings of gratitude and apology while reflecting on my past. There are so many things I want to say.. I want to see so many people.”

This post had apparently caused some alarm, as he reportedly performed live on a Japanese music show just a day before.

Later, he had revealed that it was a prank.

Subsequently apologised

The original post has since been deleted.

Jaejoong subsequently uploaded another photo featuring a black square.

In the post, he also expressed his sincere apologies and explained that he was only trying to get people to be more alert regarding the virus.

He also said that his heart goes out to medical healthcare workers who are battling against the virus.

Being investigated by the KCDC

The reveal has triggered a wave of anger among netizens, Asiaone reported, with many feeling that the virus is not something to be joked about or even taken lightly.

But apart from online vitriol, Jaejoong may possibly face punishment by the Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention for his prank.

AllKpop reported that the KCDC is currently looking into the situation regarding his case.

In a statement, the KCDC said that his case involves the spread of false information.

They are discussing how the punishment will be carried out.

Top photo via Jaejoong’s Instagram

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