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Singapore-based actress Kate Pang has urged her followers to be careful when purchasing masks, after being the victim of an online scammer.

The 37-year-old shared her purchase in an Instagram post on Apr. 2:

The Chinese caption translates to,

“Bought these off the internet. The photos clearly showed that the masks were boxed, but they arrived in a packet instead.

Even if the staff did wear a mask and gloves to pack it, this isn’t the three-ply mask as advertised, either.

Please be careful when buying masks, everyone!”

She included a hashtag which said that it is unethical to sell such dubious masks.

Pang was also stunned to discover that the three-ply masks had become two-ply, and added that no one would dare to wear these.

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Photo via Kate Pang on Instagram

In a more recent post on Apr. 3, the actress said that she was very touched, as multiple people have reached out to her after the fake mask incident.

Some offered to send her masks, while others recommended reliable sellers.

Pang thanked everyone for their help.

“Even though fake mask sellers are extremely unethical (I don’t know how they sleep at night), but I believe, most people are kind. Humans are meant to help each other, how else would we exist in this world?”

She also elaborated on a trip which her family took to Taiwan in late-January, to spend Chinese New Year.

The mother of two, who is married to local actor Andie Chen, said that they took all kinds of precautions, and managed to return to Singapore safely.

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Top image via Kate Pang on Instagram

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