Man, 40, who dashed back to rescue pets from Bukit Batok HDB flat fire, dies in hospital –

A fire broke out in an HDB flat at Bukit Batok on July 18, 2019.

The unit was left charred and three people were rescued and sent to the hospital.

Fire breaks out at Bukit Batok HDB, SCDF rescues 3 people from unit & evacuates 70 others

About 70 residents were evacuated and several of them also helped to put out the fire.

The cause of the fire was later identified to be two e-scooters found in the unit, according to Member of Parliament, Murali Pillai.

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Photo from Murali Pillai’s Facebook.

Man with third-degree burns has died

One of the casualties has passed away on July 20, according to The Straits Times.

The 40-year-old man was reported to have escaped the fire initially, but returned to the house to save his dog and parrot.

He was then found unconscious in the toilet.

The man eventually suffered third-degree burns on 40 percent of his body and had been in a coma.

He was sent to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital initially, but was transferred to Singapore General Hospital’s (SGH) intensive care unit.

His wife was also admitted to SGH for smoke inhalation.

Investigations are still ongoing.

Top photo collage from Murali Pillai’s Facebook

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