“MAO” Faber Durian Night – Promotions and other offerings for the first-ever Mao Shan Wang Durian experience

From the Pahang highlands to the top of Mount Faber, One Faber Group presents the first-ever “Mao” Faber Durian Night during the long weekend. Held on 10 August 2019 (6 PM to 10 PM), Faber Deck, an alfresco deck on Mount Faber’s picturesque hilltop, will be transformed into a durian wonderland, complete with premium-grade quality Mao Shan Wang durians from Pahang, durian-themed interactive stage games, and local delicacies.

One of the many exciting activities in celebration of the Singapore Cable Car’s 45th anniversary, the “Mao” Faber Durian Night is not-to-be-missed for all durian lovers. Pahang Mao Shan Wang durians are exceptionally sought after and Spikes of Love, a community of durian aficionados led by durian expert Collin Chee, has chosen the best for the event. The team will also be there to educate guests on the different varietals, provide tips on how to select the best Mao Shan Wang durians, and more.

Pahang Mao Shan Wang durians are #WorthTheWait

Mao Shan Wang durians from Pahang are prized for its thick yellow flesh and bittersweet creamy taste. Known as the durian belt of Malaysia, Pahang durians are larger with greater texture and taste. Only top-tier durians from Pahang will be available at “Mao” Faber Durian Night.

Bringing out the kampung spirit

Jill-Marie Thomas, winner of Channel 5’s One Moment of Glory, will serenade you under the stars as she jams oldie-but-goldie favourites and accompanied by Desiree Tay on the cajón. Spikes of Love will also be conducting a series of fun and interactive stage games such as durian opening skill test and blindfold taste test, with prizes to be won.

Local delicacies highlights

Apart from the durian feast, a variety of satays (10pcs – $10) ranging from Chicken, Mutton, Beef and Vegetarian Mushroom, served alongside with cucumbers, onions and ketupat will be available for guests who want variety. Classic local favourites such as Honey BBQ Chicken Wings (3pcs – $7) served with garlic, chilli and lime, Grilled Prawns (150gm – $10) and Marinated Fresh Squid with Garlic (150gm – $10) will leave guests wanting for more.

Drink your fill

Quench your thirst with the familiar flavours of Singapore such as Fresh Coconut ($6), Cane Barley Water ($3) or Water Chestnut ($3) to beat the heat. Leave your cars at home, take the cable car up to Faber Deck and share a beer bucket of five ($40) with your friends for a night of catch-up and fun.

Promotional Lobangs

The first 200 guests that pre-register for “Mao” Faber Durian Night through One Faber Group’s website will also receive a $5 discount.

The voucher is only applicable for the purchase of one Mao Shan Wang durian per transaction and not valid for any other types of durian or food items sold at the event. That’s not all – One Faber Group will also be providing free bus shuttle service from 6 PM to 11 PM for guests.

“MAO” Faber Durian Night Menu Offering

Register now at One Faber Group here.


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