McDonald’s Reopens On 11 May, Can Dabao, Order Online & Drive-Thru From 7am

McDonald’s Reopens Outlets, But Will Not Offer 24-Hour Services During ‘Circuit Breaker’

Many of us have been dabao-ing food over the ‘Circuit Breaker’, yet one popular food establishment has been noticeably missing from our weekly ‘lineup’ — McDonald’s.

But if you’ve missed their fluffy pancakes and crispy nuggets, here’s great news.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (10 May), McDonald’s announced that they will resume operations from Monday (11 May) nearly 1 month after they closed all outlets in mid-April.

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McDonald’s reopens on 10 May but most outlets open from 7am-9pm

According to the post, customers will be able to order their favourite fast-food meals via 3 methods:

  • Contactless McDelivery
  • Drive-Thru
  • Takeaway.

However, most McDonald’s outlets will only open from 7am-9pm.

Throughout the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, McDonald’s will not be providing 24-hour services. Dessert kiosks and McCafe will also remain closed during this period.

Additionally, outlets located in “parks, tourist attractions, and some institutions will also remain closed”.

Customers visiting their physical outlets to dabao will also have to observe safety measures such as temperature-taking and SafeEntry restrictions.

Alternatively, customers may also opt for contactless delivery via McDelivery or GrabFood.

For the full list of outlets and their respective opening hours, please refer to McDonald’s website here.

A godsend for many

McDonald’s reopening will be a godsend for many, especially those who swear by their fluffy pancakes and crispy nuggets.

That said, do not chiong to their physical outlets as this will only result in unnecessary crowding.

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