Meet these 5 verified Experts that are ready to connect with you

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Over the past quarter, the e27 Memberships team has been working tirelessly to bring onboard a prestigious list of Experts onto the e27 platform. These Experts come from varying areas of expertise from different industries and verticals.

The goal of the e27 Experts Program is to create a platform for mentors and coaches to share knowledge with their fellow peers and members within our e27 ecosystem through private 1:1 sessions.

We hope to equip every aspiring individual with relevant fundraising mentorship, useful feedback and open up more partnership opportunities for everyone to up-skill themselves and attain their individual goals. Experts bring important skills, experiences, lessons learned, and partnerships that have a massive impact on the growth and success of every individual, and therefore, the entire ecosystem itself.

Check out these 5 verified Experts that you can request to connect with for advice, mentorship, and other partnership opportunities:

Anil Joshi
Managing Partner at Unicorn India Ventures
Business development | Start-up funding | Strategy

Anil is the Founder and Managing Partner at Unicorn India Ventures, a leading Venture Capital Fund focusing on early-stage investments in tech-focused companies. He has been one of the pioneers of angel investments in India as head of operations and President at Mumbai Angels, leading Angel Investment forums in India. Anil’s experience includes corporate management functions in medium and large organisations, early-stage investment in start-ups, project management, joint ventures and business development.

Anil has helped close over 100 venture-financing deals. He serves on the Board of 5 companies and is involved with various incubation centres as a mentor in India as well as internationally. He is very well respected and valued in the start-up fraternity and is drawn upon by entrepreneurs for advice and strategic direction. Mentoring start-ups is his passion and he advises Governmental and industrial bodies on the same. Apart from investments, Anil is a very active participant in start-up events as a speaker or panellist, both in domestic and international circuits.

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Benjamin Wong
Co-founder & CEO at Kinobi Asia
Growth Strategy | Marketing | Private Equity

Benjamin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kinobi, a career platform for Asia’s 200 million young people to job explore, job prep and job switch ( Previously, he was in investments, covering private equity, debt and real estate across Asia, Europe and US in a global boutique multi-family office and an Asian megafund. He believes in building companies with robust enterprise valuations that create an impact for the communities it serves. Throughout his life, he has built several communities around his passions – in mentoring (The Mentoring Circle), horology (Atomos Watch Club) and academia (Cogito Collective). He can be seen interacting with the young gentlemen at Singapore Boys Home, which he makes it a point to prioritise.

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Ellen Goel
Head of Entrepreneurship Programme at Singapore University of Social Sciences
Entrepreneurship Education | Lean Startup Methodology | Venture Building

Ellen has 7+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and enabler. She had her own company in the events industry and joined the Singapore University of Social Sciences in 2017 where she became the Head of the Entrepreneurship Programme. Having launched an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, called Impact Startup Challenge, an incubator in partnership with Alibaba Cloud, a Venture Builder in partnership with Enterprise Singapore and a series of startup events and workshops, Ellen is passionate to groom the next generation of impact entrepreneurs.

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Karun Arya
VP Group Corporate Affairs at Oriente
Angel Investing | Communications and Policy | Fintech

Karun is currently Vice President of Group Corporate Affairs at Oriente where he leads the design and implementation of all corporate brand strategy, public policy, and stakeholder engagement efforts for the group and its companies globally.

Karun’s also an avid angel investor and startup advisor and has a keen interest in sustainability. Previously he’s worked at Discovery Networks International, Uber, and Rolls-Royce. He has a BSc in Communications and Business from Boston University.

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Michael Lints
Partner at Golden Gate Ventures
Fundraising in SEA | Cap Tables | SEA Exit Landscape

Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in when he started an IT managed services startup with 2 friends. The startup got acquired by a data and telecom company in The Netherlands. After his entrepreneurial journey, Michael wanted to spend more time giving back to the community. He was asked to join the Economic Development Board Rotterdam as a vice chairman and chairman of the Young Economic Development Board. Apart from working with great young minds it also helped Michael build an extensive national and international political and corporate network.

In 2007, Michael founded his own venture fund focused on Dutch’s small and medium-sized enterprises to help them with capital financing, development, and relevant support and strategy. In 2013 Michael got acquainted with Golden Gate Ventures and moved his family to Singapore to join Golden Gate Ventures. Initially as a Venture Partner in 2013 to help with fundraising, strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions. Michael has helped raise over $60M USD for Golden Gate Ventures and its portfolio companies and is now a Partner at Golden Gate Ventures. In 2018 Michael joined the Kauffman Fellowship program in the US, which focuses on up and coming leadership in the venture capital industry.

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Happy connecting,
e27 Memberships Team

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