Monkey Stole a Pack of Bread from Bakery Cuisine in NTU; Netizens Called it the Monkey Heist

With the pandemic costing jobs left and right, it seems like in the monkey community, things haven’t been exactly peachy either.

Desperate for food, a monkey was filmed stealing a loaf of bread from Bakery Cuisine in NTU.

Who knew monkeys love to eat bread so much?

The great monkey heist

From the 17-second video uploaded to Singapore’s subreddit thread, you can see the clever monkey standing outside the bakery, carefully observing the hooman behind the counter.

Monkey heist from singapore

Once it’s sure that the staff didn’t notice it, the monkey quickly leapt onto and grab the side of the automatic doors, using it as leverage to hoist itself to the topmost shelf where the coveted loaf of bread lay in all its yeasty glory.

The monkey isn’t fooling around though and seemed experienced as it’s not greedy enough to try to steal two loaves instead of the one it had in its grasp.

It’s clever enough to know that it’s time to vamoose out of the bakery before it gets caught.

And what perfect timing it has!

The cashier had just noticed the monkey, though it’s not like he’s doing much to try to stop it.

The monkey scampered away and successfully made its escape.

Puns and jokes galore from the witty netizens on Reddit

Of course, monkey business like this one just makes everyone’s day on Reddit.

And the winner is likely this series of comments:

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Image: Reddit

He started the comment thread by saying that “That monkey is the bread winner of his family”, to which another netizen replied “the stole breadwinner”.

Like that win liao lor!



Another netizen pointed out that “the monkeys aren’t just limited to the classrooms I see”, implying that the monkeys in the area tend to enjoy taking a few classes – or at least enjoy disrupting a few classes – at NTU from time to time as well.

Many other netizens weighed in adding that there are “snakes”, “wild boars”, “big ass monitor lizards”, “big spiders”, “otters”, and the occasional “lost pangolin” at NTU too, to which a netizen replied, “this is starting to feel like a zoo”.

And what a diversified zoo that is!

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Image: Reddit

A Reddit user also speculated that the monkey might just be the latest “test trial” of GrabFood’s latest new rollout, stating that “GrabFood’s new business strategy: Hiring primates to literally grab food.”

I’m sure the corporate leaders over at GrabFood is busy taking notes as we speak!

So you go to social media and it appears that everyone is agreeing with your views. Watch this video to the end and you’d realise that there’s a disturbing reason behind this:

Of course, being monkeys, they don’t exactly have access to any kind of technology, hence, it didn’t check-in using the TraceTogether app or token, nor did it wear a mask.

“Faster report him to MOH!” yelled a witty netizen.

Featured Image: Reddit (u/driedmelon)



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