Month-old baby in China dies after grandfather fed him alcohol to ‘save face’ –

A baby in China died at his full-month celebration after his grandfather fed him a mouthful of alcohol, according to Malaysian Chinese-language Sin Chew Daily.

Grandfather wanted to “save face”

Sin Chew Daily reported that as the baby’s grandfather was carrying him around at the banquet, a relative jokingly said, “Grandpa can’t drink if the baby doesn’t drink.”

The grandfather, who was reportedly slightly inebriated, then fell for the taunt.

Wanting to “save face”, he fed the baby a small cup of alcohol.

Died after half an hour

Shortly after, the baby’s mother, surnamed Huang, heard her baby crying.

Smelling alcohol in her son’s mouth, she immediately brought him to a room.

However, the baby stopped breathing after half an hour passed.

Huang then panicked and rushed him to the hospital, where he underwent emergency treatment for a few hours, but to no avail.

Mother slapped father-in-law

Thereafter, the doctor explained that the baby had died due to alcohol poisoning.

He also berated the adults, saying, “Babies can’t drink alcohol, so how can you take his life lightly?”

Upon hearing that, Huang reportedly slapped her father-in-law a couple of times.

The family then sobbed in the room.

Parents tried for a long time to have the baby

The report also said Huang and her husband had failed to have a baby for three years after getting married.

This resulted in Huang’s mother-in-law treating her coldly.

It was only when she finally got pregnant that her husband’s family treated her better.

Children & babies should not have alcohol

Children’s bodies absorb alcohol rather quickly.

Consumption can lead to a quick deterioration of health.

It is also generally recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid alcohol consumption as it can harm unborn fetuses and babies.

Signs of alcohol poisoning include difficulty breathing, reduced activity and seizures, according to Live Science.

Top image adapted via 东旭 王/Unsplash & jarmoluk/Pixabay

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