More Singapore #CreepShots of Singaporean girls, women, investigated by police

Another secret Telegram group allegedly used to circulate photos of unsuspecting schoolgirls and pornography is being investigated by the police. 

Police told Coconuts Singapore today they are aware of the invite-only SharingIsCaring channel, where about 5,000 photos and 800 videos have already been shared, according to purported screenshots. Many of the shared images focus on the legs of women and girls in skirts or shorts riding the train. One taken from a standing position shows a seated woman in a sleeveless top with her cleavage the apparent focal point. 

In addition to the many creepshots, there was also a slew of pornographic content shared as well. 

The profile of such groups has been raised since earlier this month, when another disturbing group called SG Nasi Lemak was discovered trafficking in similar post as well as nude images of women shared without their knowledge. SharingisCaring’s 100-plus membership is a fraction of the more than 40,000 who were using SG Nasi Lemak, which counted more than 40,000 subscribers before it went dark. Four people have been charged in that case. 

A source told AsiaOne the group was only 10 days old when he took screenshots and shared them with the news outlet.

Based on the screenshots in Friday’s report, the members called snapping photos of women “sniping.” Those so-called snipers could apparently join a separate “VVIP” group where they could access more content.

“Ya’ll snipe, snipe careful hor … more and more getting caught [sic],” a member said in the chat, according to one of the screenshots.

“One must snipe with care. Use the right tool. Use an Android,” another said. 

Screenshots also showed that a member called Lust Wander appeared to be one of the administrators.

“Dear Contributors, as you all know this GC is the aim of eliminating leechers so all contributors can enjoy mutual efforts in creating an educational platform in which human beauty can be appreciated without the stress of journalist or leechers spoiling the fun of it [sic],” Lust Wander wrote in a message addressed to the channel’s content contributors. “Stay safe, stay horny and burst your libido.”

The latest Telegram scandal comes after four men were arrested last week over the SG Nasi Lemak group. They were charged Tuesday with transmitting obscene materials.

Two of them, Liong Tianwei, 37, and Teo Min Xuan, 26, were identified as admins, while Abdillah Sabaruddin, 17, and Justin Lee Han Shi, 19, were accused of distributing obscene materials.

The teens were slapped with an additional charge each Saturday of having obscene materials on their mobile phones. Those found guilty of transmitting obscene materials may be jailed up to 3 months, fined, or both. 


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