M’sia sets up special committee to look into Causeway congestion –

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A special committee in Malaysia has been formed to consider measures to ease congestion at the Causeway, including expanding the link, building a covered walkway and creating a shipping lane.

The committee, chaired by Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad met on Wednesday (August 21) to discuss reducing congestion at the Causeway at Woodlands and the Second Link at Tuas.

Over 300,000 people cross the Causeway daily.

According to a statement by Malaysia’s Home Ministry on Thursday, some of the immediate resolutions considered by the committee included increasing funding for the two entry points, forming a single border agency to oversee all the country’s borders and entry points including ports, and conducting a study to identify issues and challenges in planning for future capacity needs.

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The Straits Times also reported that there are plans for a sub-committee to be set up; that comprises of several ministers and representatives of the Johor state government.

Other proposals brought up include widening and extending the Causeway, building a covered pedestrian walkway, setting up a shipping lane and expanding the existing entry points.

Earlier this year, the Johor government said it was looking to build a 1.2km walkway on the Causeway at an estimated cost of RM15 million (S$5 million) for those travelling on foot between the state and Singapore. This is because many commuters prefer to rush across the Causeway in an attempt to beat traffic. Those travelling by bus often alight and walk across as well. /TISG

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