Netizen: People calling for another round of total circuit breaker lockdown are just plain ignorant and selfish

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Singapore — With Singapore seeing about 30 new community Covid-19 cases almost every day now, some netizens have started calling for another circuit breaker.

However, disagreeing in an anonymous Facebook post on the popular page NUSWhispers, one netizen said people calling for another lockdown are just “plain ignorant and selfish”.

The incensed netizen wrote: “What you don’t see are the hawkers in ulu areas closing their stalls after the entire day of selling only a few miserable bowls of noodles, barely making the rental let alone commissions for Grab or Foodpanda. What you don’t see are taxi uncles driving around the city from one end to the other frantically searching for customers and ending up trying to fight against one another for customers. What you don’t see are the retrenched retail staffs who are applying for 50 jobs a day while scrimp (sic) and save on their retrenchment package”.

The writer added that it was indeed unfortunate to have gone back to Phase 2 measures to deal with the pandemic, but said that instead of pushing for “draconian measures”, others should try to reduce the spread themselves.

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To those clamouring to close Singapore’s borders to high-risk countries instead of to all countries, the netizen said this is a “strawman fallacy” and added: “You mean we rather suffer the economic losses from implementing lockdown than subsidizing cost of foreign workers from other lower risk countries? Why?”

Many hard hit by the crisis are not poor enough to beg, but are not earning enough, the netizen added.“Those who have fallen through the cracks are hit the worst.” /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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