Night Owl Cinematics CEO Sylvia recreates her childhood kampung home with a glass-roofed kitchen and over 50 plants

Bright, earthy, natural: that’s the feeling you get when you set foot in the shophouse that Night Owl Cinematics’ CEO Sylvia Chan calls home. It’s a biophiliac’s dream, with plenty of natural sunlight streaming in and a veritable rainforest of plants – over fifty of them, says Sylvia – scattered throughout the house.

Having just moved in in February this year, Sylvia and her brother decided to model this 1,700 sq ft shophouse after their childhood kampung home. “There was no blueprint,” laughs Sylvia when asked what design challenges she faced. Nonetheless – or perhaps because of that? – the home is an authentic reflection of the siblings’ personalities.

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Sylvia and her pet dog, Porky.

They had chosen this shophouse for its central location. “It’s less than ten mins away from town, and the nearest MRT station is linked to both the Downtown and North-East lines,” says Sylvia.

Another fun fact: The first level of the shophouse also serves as an office for the Night Owl Cinematics team. You can’t miss it thanks to its distinctive signboard with the tongue-in-cheek 安O西 (literally pronounced NOC).

We chat with Sylvia about her new home, and discover the thought process that went into the design.


Who lives here: Sylvia, her brother, and their pets
Type of home: Shophouse in central Singapore
Size of home: 1,700 sq ft
ID: Rezt n Relax

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