OCBC Cycle Singapore 2021 Returns Post Covid-19 this May

After an almost two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, OCBC Cycle will be back in May 2021.

Launched in-person by OCBC Bank’s Head of Group Brand and Communications, Koh Ching Ching, Chief Executive Officer of Sport Singapore, Lim Teck Yin and President of the Singapore Cycling Federation, Hing Siong Chen, at Shimano Cycling World, Singapore Sports Hub.

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Credit: OCBC Cycle

In-person OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships

The first competitive road cycling event since November 2019, the OCBC Cycle speedway championships will be taking place on Saturday 29 May with 28 teams set to compete across three categories – the women’s championship, speedway club championships and the corporate championships.

Teams of four will be split into pairs with each pair covering five laps on a 1km stretch along Stadium Drive in a relay format.

Said Hing, “Many cyclists have been training hard to prepare for the return of on-site races for more than a year now. I’m certain that they will be very pleased with the return of the OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships and use it as an opportunity to put their skills to the test after putting in long hours of training. It’s heartening to see that OCBC has worked hard to organise the event with safe management measures in place, all in a bid to support the local cycling community during this challenging period.”

Safe management measures in place

Examples of safe management measures in place, include designated holding areas to prevent the intermingling of participants from different categories, and restricting venue access to participants only. Non-participants such as team assistants, spectators and family members will not be admitted.

Said Koh, “With Singapore’s phased approach to resuming activities, we have been working closely with the authorities to bring back an onsite event where cyclists could come together to ride. We are very excited to be able to stage the first road race after almost two years. While there may not be in-person spectators, just being able to race is enough for the cycling community to look forward to the event in May.”

Mass participation rides will remain fully virtual 

However with Covid-19’s safe distancing measures still firmly in place, the mass participation rides will continue to be virtual. 

Newly-introduced 100km and 200km categories

Two new categories, the 100km virtual ride and the 200km virtual ride, have been introduced, following feedback from participants that they would like the challenge of riding longer distances. 

The registration fees are $22 for the 100km ride and $25 for the 200km ride.

However for those who still prefer shorter distances, the Straits Times Virtual ride (23km) and the Sportive Virtual Ride (42km) are available too and registration is free for both of these categories. Children can sign up for the 5km Mighty Savers Kids Virtual Ride.

Four rides to complete their distances

For all categories, participants have a maximum of four rides to complete their chosen distance. The convenience of completing the event over multiple rides, both indoors and outdoors, proved to be a hit with participants last year.

To prove the completion of their categories, participants need to submit their ride details and a photo of themselves with the bicycle, taken at any point of the ride, to the organisers. A fitness tracker or workout app can be used to record the ride details.

Said Koh, “The longer distances of 100km and 200km will appeal to cyclists who aspire to cycle further and test their limits. While virtual rides were introduced out of necessity because of Covid-19, we believe they are here to stay and will nicely complement the on-site rides after the pandemic is over.”

Online registration is open

Online registrations at https://register.ocbccycle.com will end on 14th May.

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