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Early this morning, received a message from buddy. “Be careful when you open your door, your breakfast is hanging on your gate 😄 “. What a nice way to start our Sunday 🌤 with a surprise gift of dabao Pangkor Satay Fish by Yujia 渔. Thanks buddy 🙏

Business name (home based): Yujia Nyonya Nasi Lemak 渔家

Available on Sat & Sun only. Taking orders daily

Menu & ordering information at the bottom of this post ⇩

Wow! a hearty breakfast of Pangkor satay fish, two packets of Malaysian style nasi lemak, and achar. That can of Vichy Catalan tonic water from my fridge 😄 

It’s a whole golden pomfret fish deep fried to a crisp outside. Look at that eye – it looked bright even after deep frying, so it must be fresh!

Bathing the fried golden pomfret fish with the Pangkor style satay sauce. I can smell the fragrance of spices as the reddish brown sauce flowed.

By the way, Pangkor is an island off the west coast of Perak state of Malaysia. It is famous for its seafood and resorts. I was last in Pangkor nearly 50 years ago, long before the luxury resorts but it was already famous for its seafood.

Breakfast is ready, garnished with raw onion, fresh mint and fried shallot which came in separate plastic bags.

The fish is meaty. A little firm but still tender.

Truth be told, I am not a big fan of golden pomfret and won’t order it on my own as I don’t like its slightly fishy taste. But, I am happy to report that this Pangkor satay fish doesn’t have any fishy taste at all, probably because it is very fresh.

The satay sauce wasn’t thick and nutty, unlike the satay sauce we are familiar with i.e. those we eat with grilled meat.

It is more like asam pedas gravy to me and this was a blend of sweet, spicy hot with a slight sourish undertone. There were lots of onion, chili and curry leaf inside. The taste and aroma of spices were also prominent. If you like asam pedas fish, you will like this Pangkor style satay fish.

I like the fresh mint but not so much the fried shallot as they were the factory fried type.

Pro-tip: Buddy called up to check if I warmed up the fish before eating. Alamak…, early don’t say. I finished eating liao. Okay, the satay fish was likeable enough without warming up, so I guess it could be even better, if I had warmed it up a little 🤷

Nasi lemak drenched in sambal, curry and studded with a piece of fried ikan selayang fish.

Nasi lemak with ikan bilis sambal. So yummy!

You know, I am not a fan of achar as I don’t like sourish things.

But, this achar is sweet and nutty with just a bit of sourish undertone. The cucumber and carrot were crunchy, refreshing, and pineapple was tenderly juicy.


Note that food is available on Sat & Sun only. Taking orders

Nasi Lemak:

Fish – $2.50

Ikan Bilis – $2.50

Prawn – $2.90

Nyonya Satay Fish Rice – $7.90

Nyonya Satay Gold Pomfret (650g size) – $25

Achar – $3 (small) | $5 (large)

Delivery fee $8 ☎ May 9839 4486 (Saturday and Sunday) 

Self pick up:

Hougang area ☎ Wink Goh 9232 6967

Pioneer / Boon Lay area ☎ Meiling 8420 4871 (Saturday only) 

Toa Payoh / Bishan / Ang Mo Kio  ☎ Vivien Seng 9100 3084
(Saturday only) 

Yew Tee / Choa Chu Kang ☎ Christina 8149 5513 (Saturday

Punggol area ☎ Suping 9671 5902 

Pioneer / Boon Lay area ☎ Michelle 8363 5748 (Only

Punggol Oasis ☎ CoCo 8200 2563

Sembawang / Yishun area ☎ Christine Lock 8297 8813 

Let us know how you find the taste of this Pangkor nasi lemak and satay fish 🙏

We enjoyed Pangkor satay fish and nasi lemak with zero calorie Vichy Catalan Premium Tonic Water courtesy of buddy Sam Wu, Singapore’s one and only water sommelier. Yes, you read correct, water also have sommelier one hor… . You’ll be surprised how deep is the pool of water knowledge.

We drank it chilled. It tasted like sparkling fizzy soda with a slight spritely lemon zest. I liked it. If you like to try some, call Sam at ☎ +65 6535 3833

Written by Tony Boey on 23 May 2021 | Day 8 of Singapore
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to curb Covid-19 spread.

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