Pregnant maid sets up oil trap for employer, sprays face with insecticide –

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Singapore – Poniyem (41) had just started working for her 44-year-old employer in April 2019. One month into her new job, the Indonesian maid found out that she was pregnant.

She told her employer about her condition and that she wanted to stop working.

According to an initial report by The Straits Times, the maid agency told the employer they cannot find any replacement until after Hari Raya Puasa on June 5.

The employer then told Poniyem that she had to wait for a replacement maid before she can go home.

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Not wanting to wait for a month, Poniyem planned to flee her employer but not before causing injuries.

In the wee hours of the morning on May 21, Poniyem poured oil on the floor outside her employer’s bedroom. She knocked on the door and said she was suffering from a stomachache.

As the employer went out of the room, Poniyem pulled on her hand and she slipped and fell on the floor.

Poniyem then grabbed a can of insecticide and sprayed the employer’s face while demanding for money and her passport.

The employer screamed at her eight-year-old daughter to call the police. However, the maid grabbed the little girl by the hair and threatened her with a sharp pair of scissors pointed at her throat.

Poniyem ran off with S$200 and two mobile phones and took a taxi headed to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

Prosecution stated that Poniyem “acted with premeditation” since she planned to set up an oil trap for her employer.

Despite apologizing and pleading for leniency, Poniyem has been sentenced to four months jail for assaulting her employer. Those convicted of assault face up to two years of jail and a S$5,000 fine./TISG

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